• David Jefferson

The Flies are Coming

Time to order predator flies!

I am fully retired, so I am writing to you, not as a practicing veterinarian, but on behalf of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals (MSSPA). You are on a list of horse owners that has probably received my past emails about predator flies. I am again recommending their use on your farm. These tiny bugs, a product of the Spalding Company, are prevention against annoying and disease carrying flies. Sign up and every few weeks during the warm months you will receive a shipment of these natural enemies of flies that don’t bother people or animals.

I have a partner number with the Spalding Company. If you use it when you contact them I receive a rebate check at the end of the season. I turn it over to MSSPA. As an active board member of the Society I can assure you that all that money goes to the rehabilitation of the seized or surrendered horses on the property on South Windham.

Whether you use the partner number or not, the amount that you pay Spalding is the same. If you do use the number, the horses at the Society benefit.

Although it doesn’t seem like spring right now, this is actually the best time to order. Spalding will ask you for information about your farm (horse numbers, property size, etc) and will schedule the shipments of the correct amount of predators for your situation at the right time. The number to call for more information and ordering is:

1 888 562 5696

Or, the website is

The partner # to use in ordering is 10-521

Thanks for cutting down on the fly population for all of us and for your support of MSSPA.

David A Jefferson, DVM

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